Giving Young Girls A New Role Model: An Engineer

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Giving Young Girls A New Role Model: An Engineer Giving Young Girls A New Role Model: An Engineer

Giving Young Girls A New Role Model: An Engineer

July 1, 2013

Debbie Sterling is a Stanford engineer getting young girls excited about her field by giving them a new kind of role model. Just like boys are taken with Legos and Erector Sets, her creation, GoldieBlox—a book and a toy construction set—aims to pique girls’ interest in engineering. They follow Goldie, GoldieBlox’s star, and build sets using ribbons, washers, and axles. This year, GoldieBlox will make its way into retail stores around the U.S., and soon an app with downloadable e-books will be available.

In Sterling’s own words, "Goldie is the role model our girls have been waiting for to open their minds beyond the pink aisle at the toy store.”

Her biggest project for 2013 is expanding GoldieBlox into a series and launching it into retail stores. GoldieBlox will also add new partnerships this year, and Sterling says getting products on the shelves of stores has been a huge dream realized. 

“We would love support developing supplemental curricula to help parents and educators use our products as educational tools,” Sterling says. “Each GoldieBlox book and construction toy is packed with engineering principles and lessons in spatial and verbal skills. We are eager to collaborate with teachers in the development of these tools, so any GOOD community members who are interested in this are welcome to contribute.”

Sterling is also interested in translating the stories into other languages so that girls around the globe can benefit from playing and learning with GoldieBlox. Sterling plans to hit retail stores with GoldieBlox’s flagship product and launch their first e-book in the spring. 

“We'll introduce the expanded series right in time for the back to school season next year,” she says.

Follow Debbie Sterling here.

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