GOOD 100: Meet Bruno Giussani, Spreading Good Ideas Worldwide

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GOOD 100: Meet Bruno Giussani, Spreading Good Ideas Worldwide GOOD 100: Meet Bruno Giussani, Spreading Good Ideas Worldwide

GOOD 100: Meet Bruno Giussani, Spreading Good Ideas Worldwide

May 9, 2013


Bruno Giussani is an idea man. As both the European director of TED and curator of TEDGlobal, Giussani aids the oft referenced nonprofit in bringing together the best, brightest, and most innovative minds, spreading great ideas around the globe through inspiring conferences. Since TED’s birth in 1984 as a meeting point for people rooted in technology, entertainment, and design, its reach has expanded on a monumental level to include thinkers and doers from assorted areas of expertise. 

This summer’s TED conference, one of two held annually, will gather around 75 speakers to each give their take on theme “Think Again.” Speakers are challenged to “give the talk of their lives,” in less than 20 minutes. The conference, Giussani says, will be an attempt at putting down some signposts along the roads of our increasingly complex and changing world. 

“It isn't difficult to be captured by the impression that we are in the midst of a global remix, and that many things we think we know may just be wrong,” Giussani says. “So I'm trying to identify voices from many countries and fields that can challenge us, indeed, to pause for an instant and consider new perspectives.”

As a member of TED's senior team, Giussani is also involved in defining and implementing the overall strategy of the organization. The far-reaching TED world includes TEDx, a more grass root series of independently-organized conferences (thousands of them in over 140 countries); TED-Ed, an educational initiative which has already attracted the support of thousands of teachers and animators; and The TED Open Translation Project, which adds subtitles to TEDTalks in almost 100 languages thanks to thousands of volunteer translators.

Wait, we’re not done. Giussani also curates and hosts Switzerland’s annual conference, Forum des 100, and is a board member of both Tinext, a Swiss software firm, and of the Knight Fellowships at Stanford University.

Look for Giussani’s deft touch at TEDGlobal, which will take place this year from June 10th through the 14th.

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