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GOOD 100: Meet Casey Ryder, Using Art to Push for Change GOOD 100: Meet Casey Ryder, Using Art to Push for Change

GOOD 100: Meet Casey Ryder, Using Art to Push for Change

June 20, 2013

Casey Ryder is a Los Angeles-based artist and designer. As art director of Studio Number One, a creative agency founded by Shepard Fairey, he’s worked with everyone from Nike to Rock the Vote. 

Along with Fairey, Ryder worked on philanthropic projects like Artists for Peace and Justice, which builds schools in Haiti; and Music for Relief, which, between the two, have raised funds for Haiti and Japan. A redesign of Los Angeles’ MOCA website is currently keeping Ryder busy, as is the visual branding for the museum’s YouTube channel, MOCAtv.

Ryder’s work revolves around merging original storytelling with innovative methods to create unique branding opportunities. His biggest project this year will be a continuation of the work for MOCA Los Angeles that began last year. 

“Not only is this a massive project, but the opportunity to help give new life to one of L.A.’s most important institutions is incredibly gratifying,” Ryder says.

For the new MOCA work to really succeed, it will need lots of exposure, Ryder says. “Luckily for visitors, MOCA is everywhere.”

People can explore the museum by going to an exhibition at one of the three locations throughout Los Angeles, watching and sharing videos via MOCAtv, or by checking out the collections online.

Follow Casey Ryder here.

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