GOOD 100: Meet George Srour, Focusing on Education and Building Tomorrow, Starting Today

Posted by GOOD HQ

George Srour was a student at the College of William and Mary when he had the idea for Building Tomorrow, an organization that creates one-to-one partnerships between sub-Saharan African communities and U.S. colleges and universities. Srour, an Echoing Green Fellow, credits his work with the United Nations World Food Programme in helping him create the organization. Through the Clinton Global Initiative—and hopefully with our help—Building Tomorrow will construct 60 schools by 2016.

“Our biggest project in 2013 will really be focused around growing our base of support in the USA,” Srour says. “We committed, through the Clinton Global Initiative, to constructing 60 schools by 2016 and, in order to make that happen, we'll need 48,000 people to pledge raising or giving 50 dollars over the next four years.”

Building Tomorrow is looking to enlist the support of individuals around the world who believe education inequality demands our attention today. After years of advances, Srour says, the quest to provide children in sub-Saharan Africa with access to a quality education is losing ground. 

“What Building Tomorrow needs to cultivate is an army of people, young and old, who through raising awareness and funds, are determined to make education a reality for some of the most hard-to-reach children in the world,” Srour says.

In the meantime, Srour hopes to launch an awareness campaign this fall, and will need every possible partner he can garner in order to be successful. Building Tomorrow plans to break ground on more than 50 classrooms this year.  

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