GOOD 100: Meet Leo Prieto, Shaking Up Mass Media

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GOOD 100: Meet Leo Prieto, Shaking Up Mass Media GOOD 100: Meet Leo Prieto, Shaking Up Mass Media

GOOD 100: Meet Leo Prieto, Shaking Up Mass Media

June 14, 2013

Leo Prieto co-founded BetaZeta, a blog network that makes up the second-largest independent internet community in Latin America. He has started several businesses over the last decade, including AardvarkLabs, a web development company, and FayerWayer, an influential tech blog. 

As an entrepreneur and activist, Prieto advocates for freedom of information, greater access to technology, and expanded web availability for Chileans and others in the Spanish-speaking world. 

“My biggest project for 2013 is to achieve a huge dream,” says Prieto, “to disrupt the way mass media works by changing the power structure in the industry.”

In the developing world, “and in the whole world really,” Prieto says, owners of mass media properties have influence over the conversation of the whole population. For the past 18 months, Prieto has been working on a slew of technological advancements that will allow truly open content for communities, enabling anyone to create editorial content and reach as large an audience as possible. 

“We will let go and let the community take control of our mass media properties, some of which are amongst the most read in the whole Spanish-speaking world with over 10 million monthly users,” Prieto says.

For this to work, people must become active participants and not just passive consumers, Prieto says. “But I'm confident that this is something that is already happening,” 

Join Leo Prieto in becoming an active participant. Write something!

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