GOOD 100: Meet Priya Haji, Playing to Save

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GOOD 100: Meet Priya Haji, Playing to Save GOOD 100: Meet Priya Haji, Playing to Save

GOOD 100: Meet Priya Haji, Playing to Save

May 10, 2013

It’s easy enough to say you’re going to save more money, easy enough to say you’re going to start paying down your debt. What’s difficult is turning your words into action. Priya Haji is here to help with that. She wants you to play to save.

Enter SaveUp, a free, competitive, fun-to-use program that serves as an entertaining sort of financial education, where users are rewarded for saving and lessening debt. By offering fantastic prizes ($2 million jackpot!) and a structured framework for navigating the snake pit that is American debt culture, SaveUp incentivizes responsibility and removes the emotional contexts that can make personal finance such a headache.       

“My goal with SaveUp is to help millions of Americans out of the recession through playing a game,” Haji says, who co-founded SaveUp two years ago. “We are using the best of behavioral science and game mechanics to build this innovation in helping Americans succeed financially.”

SaveUp is the nation’s only free rewards game for saving money and reducing debt. Players can also win prizes ranging from gift cards to vacations, all while tracking their financial progress, creating goals, and connecting with free financial planning and education.   

This year, Haji will continue to think about how best to implement entertainment into the problem-solving rhetoric. Who knew saving money could be so fun?

Want to give SaveUp a shot? Click “Do” and join us in playing, saving, and maybe even winning.

Haji is also the founder of World of Good, an online wholesaler of sustainable goods that was acquired by eBay in 2010.  

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