GOOD and CNN iReport Are Working to Fight Human Trafficking. Help Out.

Posted by GOOD

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You may think slavery is a problem of the past, but in fact, there are more people forced into labor today than at any point in human history. To help mobilize people to do something about this crisis (it's as big a problem as any facing the world right now), the CNN Freedom Project is "working to shine a spotlight on the horrors of human trafficking, amplify the voices of the victims, highlight success stories and share ways that everyone can make a difference."

Sounds like a worthy cause to us, so we're helping out and we want you to join. As a first step, GOOD and CNN iReport are asking you to submit a video of yourself (preferably standing) saying "I'm taking a stand to end slavery," or a picture of yourself holding a sign with the same message. Upload your photo or video to the assignment page here.

Those who take part in this first step will be asked to contribute to more involved Freedom Project challenges in the future. Participate. It's easy and it may do a small part to help end the suffering of modern-day slaves.