@GOOD Ask Readers: If You Could Participate in the 2010 Winter Olympics, Which Sport Would You Play?

Posted by GOOD

Yesterday on Twitter and Facebook, we asked our friends: If you could participate in the 2010 Winter Olympics, which sport would you play? We ask a question to our Twitter and Facebook faithful once a day, so if you're not yet following @GOOD or a fan, make sure to sign up and participate in the conversation.Check out what our Twitter followers had in mind:TW_Feb 23_0TW_Feb 23_1TW_Feb 23_2TW_Feb 23_3And here is what our Facebook buddies had to say:FB_Feb 23_0FB_Feb 23_2FB_Feb 23_3FB_Feb 23_1FB_Feb 23_4FB_Feb 23_5Which Winter Olympic sport would you like to play? Are there any sports that should be included in the Winter Olympics that are not currently represented?