GOOD Design Daily: Africa Mon Amour, a Guide to the Rest of Africa

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Africa Mon Amour
All too often, we in the media treat the continent of Africa as monolithic entity, ignoring the wealth of cultural diversity to be found in the many different countries, cities, and neighborhoods therein. Furthermore, despite what typical coverage would have you believe, there's a lot more to Africa than World Cup soccer and sub-Saharan poverty.

That's why we're proud to present—alongside the fall issue of GOOD 021: the Work issue—the beautifully designed Africa Mon Amour: A Guide to the Rest of Africa, created by the incomparable roster of artists, photographers, and journalists at COLORS. The 22-page guide explores 53 unreported, awesome things to try, see, hear, eat, and learn about in Africa's 53 nations. 

Africa Mon Amour
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