GOOD Design Daily: BMW's 97.5 Percent Recyclable Subway Car

Posted by Alissa Walker

We all know mass transit is the greener way to travel. But it probably never occurred to most of us that those subway cars might be just as messy to manufacture (and dispose of) as the automobiles we're abandoning. The new Siemens Inspiro system, designed by BMW DesignworksUSA, hopes to revolutionize rail systems by developing a more sustainable subway car that's a mind-boggling 97.5 percent recyclable.

Not only is it easy to dismantle, the Siemens Inspiro also boasts a lighter frame, which is perhaps its greenest feature of all: Less weight requires less energy to propel the cars forward. You also have to love the cool LED lights around the doors (seen above in the video) that signal to riders when doors are closing.

Inside, the space is designed for both greener travel and for greater comfort. Most ingenious are the branched poles at the center of the car, so more people can hold on without experiencing the awkward fist-over-fist game that riders always seem to play. If that detail alone makes you want to board immediately, you'll have to head to Poland: The Siemens Inspiro will debut in Warsaw's Metro in 2012.

Via Co.Design