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GOOD Design Daily: Marian Bantjes' Stunning Graphic Art GOOD Design Daily: Marian Bantjes' Stunning Graphic Art

GOOD Design Daily: Marian Bantjes' Stunning Graphic Art

by Alissa Walker

October 28, 2010

The incredible graphic design of Vancouver-based Marian Bantjes has appeared everywhere from Saks Fifth Avenue to the pages of Wired. But owning a piece of her art was a bit harder to come by. You might have snagged one of her gig posters for The National at their last L.A. show or a one-of-a-kind laser-etched table for Dutch design collective Droog. Or I suppose you might have shelled out £10,000 for one of 12 sailboats she designed for Wallpaper. Now a piece of Bantjes' work is not only available, it's affordable! It's a piece on 20x200 named, simply, Now.

Although Bantjes's pieces are so detailed, so mathematical, that they appear computer-generated, her talk at TED explains how there is a very human engine behind her work. For the high-tech cross-stitch patterns of Now, Bantjes created four pieces, each customized for the print size, where the viewer appears to zoom out on a massive digital quilt that stretches out into infinity.

You can also own more of Bantjes' incredible craftsmanship in her new book, I Wonder. Her rejected versions of the cover—which are, honestly, just as ornate and inventive as the final—and more about her process can be seen over at Design Observer.

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