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GOOD Design Daily: Nike's Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda GOOD Design Daily: Nike's Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda

GOOD Design Daily: Nike's Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda

by Alissa Walker

January 7, 2011

There's one way to appease your consumers when it comes to corporate responsibility: Make your goals public, so your audience can hold you to them. Using an intriguing interaction design format created by Wieden+Kennedy with Ian Coyle and Duane King, that's exactly what Nike has done with its new site Nike Better World, which launched this week. Part corporate social responsibility report, part New Year's resolutions, the site covers Nike's programs—from environmental initiatives to socially focused sports leagues—opening with a quite brazen introductory statement: Don't Tell Us What We Can't Do.

Using the scrolling feature results in the best experience, as the oversize images dramatically transition into the next page like one continuous thought. Clicking the links takes you to more information, like details about GreenXchange, Nike's collaboration with Creative Commons to share information about manufacturing and materials with other companies.

While you're not going to get answers to, say, questions about specific labor practices, the site tells a powerful story about where Nike is headed, and enlists its audience in the journey: There's a call-to-action at the end where you can input your email to get updates and stay involved. And all of this is constructed in a way so that Nike's actual customers will want to read the content. Come to think of it, shouldn't that be the goal of any company's annual report?
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