Good News: Oregon Will Go Coal Free Good News: Oregon Will Go Coal Free
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Good News: Oregon Will Go Coal Free

by Andrew Price

November 27, 2010

Oregon is planning to close its last coal power plant, that one in the picture above, ahead of schedule.

There's currently only one lonely coal-fired power plant in all of Oregon. But by 2020, there will be none—Portland General Electric Co., which operates the plant, has announced that it will either shutter the 585 megawatt Boardman plant or convert it to burn biomass. In less than 10 years, the state of Oregon will be coal-free.

But it's still nice to have one more coal-free state. Oregon joins Vermont and Rhode Island. Who's next? Check this chart. Maine, Washington, D.C., and Idaho all use very small amounts of coal.

Image by Tedder from Wikimedia Commons

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Good News: Oregon Will Go Coal Free