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GOOD Video: Chronicling Coding for GOOD GOOD Video: Chronicling Coding for GOOD

GOOD Video: Chronicling Coding for GOOD

by GOOD Partner

February 27, 2013

This content was produced by GOOD with support of Apollo Group

Last October, GOOD and Apollo Group announced the launch of Coding for GOOD, an opportunity to gain skills in coding and, for one lucky participant, a chance to work with us here at GOOD. The program is our effort to bridge the skills gap through real-world application.

Participants had eight weeks to take sixteen free coding lessons and submit a final project using the skills they learned. The three finalists were flown to Los Angeles for a hack-a-thon at the Google offices in January that would help determine who would earn a desk here at GOOD.

Watch the video above to learn more about the three finalists and their journeys, plus watch the live announcement naming the Coding for GOOD winner.

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