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GOOD Voter Guide to the May 21st Los Angeles Election GOOD Voter Guide to the May 21st Los Angeles Election

GOOD Voter Guide to the May 21st Los Angeles Election

by Young Angelenos
May 10, 2013

Young Angelenos, a small group of volunteer citizen activists, envision LA as a productive, prosperous town with citizens who are engaged, informed and excited to advocate for progressive public policy.

That’s the dream. With that in mind, Young Angelenos have compiled this progressives’ voter guide in partnership with GOOD Magazine for the Los Angeles general election on May 21st. On that Tuesday, we’ll vote for the Mayor, four members of the City Council, and a host of other characters who will dictate the future of Los Angeles.

We’ve tried to provide as much info as we could about how these folks stand on issues like jobs, the environment, education, health care, civil rights—the stuff you care about. You can decide from there.

Some disclaimers: This guide is a volunteer operation, not produced by GOOD. Due to research fatigue, lame candidate websites and Murphy’s Law, you may spot a mistake or two. Some candidates simply don’t provide a lot of info, and our researcher styles varied, so some profiles may differ or seem a bit incomplete. We didn’t get to all the candidates, but we tried to cover the ones who seemed most relevant to our generation. We used public sources, including government and candidate websites, so the guide’s accuracy is contingent on those sources at the time of publication (May 2013).

If you have more info or an opinion to share, leave a comment. This is your election as much as it is ours. Remember, what happens in our backyard matters, and this election has some high stakes, so please pass this guide along. We hope you find it informative and helpful and that it will occasionally make you chuckle.

Download the GOOD voter guide now, and get to voting!

Your volunteers,

Kabira Stokes, Bich Ngoc Cao, Jason McCabe, Maceo Keeling, Alex Richmond, Alexandra Hepp, Alice Gualpa, Beth Karlin, Brad Petering, Brendan Piper, Christine Guardia, Crystal Murphy, Erika Backberg, Gwenaelle Gobe, Harley Cross, Marguerite Moreau, Michele Elmer, Nicholas Stankevich, Robin Petering, Stephen Blaim, Taylor Miller, Tim Golden

P.S. Don’t forget to VOTE ON MAY 21. Find your polling place at

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