Government 2.0: Coming Soon?

Posted by Casey Caplowe

Earlier today I posted a PDF of the full Economic Stimulus Bill the House was voting on today (and asked for some help reading through it). Well, H.R. 1 just passed 244-188. (This includes not a single Republic vote in its favor.)The economic merits and meaning of this 647-page, $825 billion bill aside, the thing that most caught my interest as I was reading it was the bill's provision for the creation of website to provide full transparency and, in turn, public accountability to the distribution of these funds. Below is a screenshot of what the site looks like right now, though with the bill's passage, it seems some pretty serious enhancements could be near on the horizon.Here's some highlights from the website's establishing language in the bill:SEC. 1226. RECOVERY.GOV. ... The website shall provide materials explaining what this Act means for citizens. The materials shall be easy to understand and regularly updated.... The website shall provide data on relevant economic, financial, grant, and contract information in user-friendly visual presentations to enhance public awareness of the use funds made available in this Act... The website shall provide a means for the public to give feedback on the performance of contracts awarded for purposes of carrying out this Act.... The website shall be enhanced and updated as necessary to carry out the purposes of this subtitle.If the Senate passes their version of this Stimulus package on Monday and the President signs it into law, it should be pretty fascinating to check in on the status of our dollars over at from time to time.My, how far we've come. In the last two weeks.