Guy Races New York Bus on Big Wheel, Makes Point About Public Transit

Posted by Andrew Price

Mark Malkoff, "amateur daredevil" and "comedian," decided to race a New York City bus on a Big Wheel bike for a mile down 42nd street to make a point about public transportation being slow. It looks dangerous.

Christopher DeMorro at Gas2.0 says the video shows that "You’re better off riding a bike or even jogging than taking a bus in NYC." That's not really true, of course. The bus may be a little slower than a Big Wheel, but on the bus you can sit down and read, and some prefer that to jogging. That said, the bus is slower than it should be. I think the moral of the story is that buses could be a lot more efficient with fewer personal cars on the street or with more dedicated bus lanes. And there's always the subway, too.