Help Us Create an Aerial Photograph to Oppose Citizens United


Mark your calendars: GOOD is mobilizing for a good cause. This weekend, we'll be teaming up with the folks at Interconnected to create a massive aerial photograph to protest the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, and you're invited.

On Saturday morning, we'll gather at the "All In for the 99%" pop-up gallery in Los Angeles, where hundreds of people will organize into a giant "99%" symbol on the roof. The whole thing will be filmed from the air by a remote control octocopter, then turned into a video and photograph representing our collective opposition to the Citizens United ruling. 

To participate in the aerial photograph, just show up at 400 S. La Brea at 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 31. Get full details and RSVP at the project's Facebook page.

And stick around for the rest of the day's events. Val Kilmer will be performing as Mark Twain. Van Jones will speak. There will be DJs and drinks and lots of great art. See the full schedule here. It'll be way more fun than Davos.