Heroin Stamps As Art Heroin Stamps As Art

Heroin Stamps As Art

by Siobhan O'Connor

February 9, 2010
Those right there are heroin stamps-showing the fascinating ways in which illegal drugs are branded, marketed, and sold just like anything else under the sun. The collection of images are photos of stamps collected from the New York City drug trade, which are then blown up really big, and then-in theory, at least-mounted in a compelling exhibition. That's where you come in.The project, started by GOOD alum Liza Vadnai and the Stamp Collective, needs support to get off the ground. Sure, it's a fascinating look at things one doesn't otherwise get to see (which can make for great art), but the project also hopes to call attention to the public health issues surrounding drug use, and the associated health care costs that could be mitigated by things like clean-needle programs.You can read more about the project-and offer it some microdonor love-on Kickstarter's website.
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Heroin Stamps As Art