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How Public Transit Cuts Might Affect Students How Public Transit Cuts Might Affect Students

How Public Transit Cuts Might Affect Students

by Siobhan O'Connor

December 19, 2009
The other day, we told you about proposed cuts to New York City's public transit system, mentioning briefly that it might affect students in city schools. Well, there's a piece in The New York Times that looks more closely at how that might play out for lower-income students, who rely on student transportation discounts to get around town to the city's better schools.The cuts aren't final, but if they go through, close to 600,000 students will no longer receive free or half-fare subway passes-an up to $40-a-month expense that for some families would be prohibitive. It would also, as The Times points out, compromise the city's "school choice" program; subsidies like this make it possible for some kids to actually leave their neighborhoods for better schools in other districts.Stay tuned.
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