Ideas for Cities: Tech Mission Ideas for Cities: Tech Mission

Ideas for Cities: Tech Mission

January 1, 2010
Tech Mission
Tech Mission is a ossible design for mid-size cities that either don't have a particular strength in technology or a logical location for a tech company to locate. Modeled after the growth of the Christian church, a technology company such as Google would establish a "mission" in a mid-size city for some period of time-say, six to 12 months. The company would establish a physical location, provided by the city, at which pop-up classes are held, new projects are launched, and lectures, meet-ups, and tweet-ups are regular happenings. The technology company then provides the brand and the intensity of activity. The idea is to become a center of new capabilities, new ideas, new activity, and new connections in a city. Like an arts district, Tech Mission would also spawn new retail and restaurant activity in the surrounding neighborhood as people gather there regularly.This is part 47 of a continuing brainstorm on the future of cities, inaugurated at the CEOs for Cities Velocity conference in September, 2009. We'll post a new idea each day until we run out, at which point we're counting on you to come up with something smart. Do you have a good idea for improving your city? Add it in the comments below, or tweet it to @GOOD with hashtag #cityideas-we'll publish the best ones..
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Ideas for Cities: Tech Mission