If Tokyo Gets the Olympics, They'll Build This Thing

Posted by Andrew Price

Who cares what Obama and Oprah think? If Tokyo gets the 2016 Olympic games, they'll build this stadium powered entirely by the sun. In fact, Tokyo's whole bid is geared around creating an efficient, low-impact (in the environmental sense) event. From Inhabitat:On top of the solar stadium, Tokyo will work to reuse current facilities and rework them, rather than building brand new facilities which requires the use of virgin resources and more energy during construction. Many of the facilities will include green roofs to help reduce stormwater runoff. And with Tokyo already being a dense and compact city, 97% of the facilities and venues used for the 2016 games will be located with an 8km radius of the Olympic Stadium and Village.You can see a map of the Tokyo plan and lots of nice renderings at the Tokyo 2016 site. The International Olympic Committee decides which city will host the games tomorrow.