Inside Disaster: An Intense Documentary Look at the Haiti Earthquake

Posted by Morgan Clendaniel

The recent cholera outbreak and Hurricane Tomas have brought Haiti and its continuing recovery back into the news recently. It's a good time, then, to check out Inside Disaster, a website that accompanies a three-part documentary, which shows exactly what goes in to responding to a disaster on the scale of the Haiti earthquake.

In addition to the excellent collection of articles, one of the most notable parts of the site is an amazing simulator that allows you experience the aftermath of the earthquake as a survivor, journalist, or aid worker. It's definitely worth playing around with.

The whole site is worth checking out to remind ourselves both that Haiti still has a long way to go toward recovery and that great work is being done by many selfless people to get the country back on the right track.

Full disclosure: I am nominally an "adviser" to Inside Disaster, though I can claim literally no credit for anything on the site.