Interactive Infographic: Accounting for Taxes in America

Posted by GOOD Partner



This infographic is a collaboration between GOOD and Other Means, with support from MTV

As the election season kicks off, GOOD and MTV want to cut past all the blustering, pontificating, and finger pointing to get to the heart of some of the most important issues that America is facing today. Join us every other Wednesday for the next two months, when we'll be graphically exploring through interactive infographics what goes behind the nation's key issues.

Last time, we looked at energy independencejob creationstudent debt, immigrationhealthcare, and national security. This week's issue explores one topic guaranteed to always come up around election time: taxes. How much do rich people versus poor people pay, and do we all pay our fair share? Who are the 47% and who are the 1%? How do American tax rates compare to other countries? Find the answers and more here.