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Intermission: The Gay Rights Movement in Six Minutes Intermission: The Gay Rights Movement in Six Minutes

Intermission: The Gay Rights Movement in Six Minutes

by Wylie Overstreet
January 18, 2012

With the majority of Americans now supporting gay marriage, and more state governments embracing it, it seems a foregone conclusion that the gay rights movement is nearing that final achievement of equality and acceptance. Standing on the cusp, it can be hard to appreciate exactly how incredible of an achievement it is. This powerful film summarizes the struggle for gay rights through the 20th century and into the modern age, recalling all the hatred and fears that have been overcome. It is a must-watch. 

Finally, to those reading this who oppose gay rights—including the GOP presidential candidates—I am delighted to report that despite your best efforts and bigotry, you have already lost. And history, alas, will not be kind. 

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