Is Punk Barbie the Feminist We've Always Wanted in Our Dolls?

Posted by Yasha Wallin

Barbie has been many things: astronaut, CEO, tropical, nurse, ballerina, lover of Ken, and driver of Corvettes. But as far as we know, Barbie has never been hardcore...until now. In a new imagining of every girl's favorite doll, eclectic English fashion designer Louise Gray has turned Barbie punk. In full black and white attire—classed up a bit in stilettos, she's a lady after all—Barbie appears more badass than usual, and we like it. Her makeup calls on inspiration from legendary painter Basquiat's iconic crown graffiti and her bleach blonde hair is coiffed in a high bouffant.

Gray created this new look for the voluptuous doll for her Spring 2013 collection shown during London Fashion Week this past September. The outfit Barbie dons will be available in human sizes by early next year, but the plastic bombshell will be available this fall.

While Barbie has appeared empowered before, we like to think this new, punk version will be more of the feminist we've always wanted our dolls to be. We can already see her lobbying for women's reproductive rights, campaigning for Hillary in 2016, and of course, found somewhere in the mosh pit.

Photos courtesy of Louise Gray