Is the "Tongue Patch" the Dumbest Diet Fad Ever?

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Is the "Tongue Patch" the Dumbest Diet Fad Ever? Is the "Tongue Patch" the Dumbest Diet Fad Ever?

Is the "Tongue Patch" the Dumbest Diet Fad Ever?

by Cord Jefferson

May 14, 2011

Yes. Yes, it is.

What is it, exactly? It's a new procedure in which a roughly one-inch-by-one-inch square of mesh is sewn onto a person's tongue. Unlike the nicotine patch, this patch contains no chemicals or medicine. Instead, it merely sits there and makes it difficult—and even painful—to eat solid food. In essence it's nothing more than a modern version of wiring one's jaw shut, forcing the "patient" to literally starve themselves.

Several doctors in the Los Angeles area are currently offering the procedure (link NSFW), which costs upwards of $1,500. This despite the fact that other physicians warn the "tongue-patch diet" can be a choking hazard or cause nerve damage.

Besides being dangerous and expensive, immobilizing your tongue in order to stop eating won't have any long-term impact on your health. Sure, you'll drop some weight quickly, but once the patch is gone it's likely you'll go back to eating how you did before. Alas, the tongue patch isn't going to take away your cravings for bacon.

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