Journey of 1000 Journals Journey of 1000 Journals

Journey of 1000 Journals

by Alexandra Marvar

August 9, 2008

Someguy, a San Francisco-based artist who might be sort of into the idea of anonymity, started the 1000 Journals project eight years ago, when he sent out-guess how many-1000 blank journals into the world with instructions to fill them up and send them back.

Three years later, journal 526 showed up at his door, filled.

Now, a documentary on what befell the other 999 tracks them to 10 of the 40 countries they're known to have reached, and explores this self-regulated, ongoing, global collaboration. (And he may or may not have taken the opportunity to berate participants for not following instructions and returning the books 999 times out of a thousand.)

Getting your hands on a journal is like reading the diary of tens of other people who've had it before you. And 999 are still circulating. They're trackable on the web site-if you know anyone who's hoarding one of Someguy's thousand journals, nudge them into forking it over.

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