London Meowing: Kitty Cuddling While Getting Your Coffee Fix

Posted by Yasha Wallin

In London, a new kind of cafe aims to connect coffee lovers with kitties. Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium currently raising funds on Indiegogo, will offer around 10 - 15 homeless cats a place to roam free and cuddle with patrons. The cafe will offer respite to city-dwellers—who often don't have the space or wherewithal to have their own pets—to get some TLC from a furry friend, while relaxing with a book or cup of tea. The cats, who will come from shelters, will be as cared for as the customers. There will be a playground, grooming, and medical checks for the felines, and a library, wifi, and cozy sofas for the humans.

In Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and China, cat cafes started taking off around five years ago, but this will be the first in the U.K. If you've been having a hankering for kitties and coffee, a trip to London might be necessary.