London’s Ping Pong Revolution

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London’s Ping Pong Revolution London’s Ping Pong Revolution

London’s Ping Pong Revolution

by Zach Dundas

August 6, 2010

So I’m watching some Entourage extras last night, and I stumble upon a behind-the-scenes look at the new season’s ping-pong episode, in which Kevin Dillon’s character faces off with John Stamos in a high-stakes table-tennis duel, inside some kind of luxe ping-pong lounge.

The current epicenter of this “ping pong revolution” seems to be London, where England’s national table tennis association has installed 100 public tables around the city for a month-long summer pong blitz. The tables are available for free pick-up games, as well as scheduled classes with ping-pong aces. This inspiring, government-supported move has been described as an attempt to “increase sustainable mass participation” in sports. Sounds good to me. Perhaps “more ping-pong” is the public-policy slogan our fractured republic needs.

Onward to the revolution!

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