Makin' Sense: Introducing Fun, Fresh Finance Explainers and Advice on GOOD


Finance people are annoying. They insert unnecessary finance lingo in conversation, they brag about all the shortcuts they know in excel, and they find ways to let you know how small their bonus was. “Oh, I got screwed on my bonus, it was just $50,000 this year.” Boo.
We’ll have none of that here. I’m Kathryn, writer and founder of MakinSense Babe. I recently partnered with GOOD to be your resident financial expert. Hold off on gagging—let me explain.
Every two weeks, we will talk about a money related current event or financial topic that is buzzing in the news or is a “must-know.” This isn’t just an “explainer” conversation, we’ll talk specifically about what it means to you, and your money. Follow along and join the conversation at
But let’s be clear, I have no interest in making you a financial whiz. When I launched MakinSense Babe, I did it for the sole purpose of empowering and entertaining people like you. People who are busy hustling both professionally and personally and have little time to comb through financial information, let alone figure out what it means to them.
I want to empower you with just the right amount of information so you can get on with your life. I hope that you’ll come back and visit every other week, I’ll be here with something fresh that will make you hate finance less.
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