Mayor Bloomberg's Personal Support for Gay Marriage Reminds Us That 'All Politics Is Local'

Posted by Meghan Neal



Just three weeks out, the buzz around the presidential election is getting louder and louder. But let's not forget the other issues at stake on November 6. 
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently reminded us all of one of the most controversial issue being debated this election year: same-sex marriage. The mayor spent a quarter of a million dollars—out of his own wallet—to back same-sex marriage rights in Maryland (where he went to college). 
"Question 6" on the Maryland ballot this fall will ask voters to define marriage as strictly between a man and a woman. Minnesota, North Carolina, and Washington voters will be asked similar questions on the ballot next month. In Maine, on the other hand, voters will decide whether to join the six other U.S. states that have legalized same-sex marriage.
Let's take a break from the Obama vs. Romney whirlwind and think about what else is at stake this November. Local ballot initiatives cover everything from education reform to abortion rights to tax hikes. 
Are you ready? We created to give you a simple rundown of the ballot measures in your state. Check it out and build your own voter guide to take with you to the polls November 6.