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Emawati Created Her Own Path in Indonesia Emawati Created Her Own Path in Indonesia

Emawati Created Her Own Path in Indonesia

by GOOD Partner

March 9, 2014

Twenty-four year old Emawati is doing something that women in her Indonesian community aren’t usually able to do--follow her creative ambition. In her own words, “I want to become a successful woman, inside and outside of the family.”

The first step in making this dream a reality was securing a position at a garment factory where she not only would receive a living wage, but also life skills training through Gap Inc.’s P.A.C.E (Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement) program. But, the experience provided Emawati with more than independence; it has also empowered her to start her own online, handmade, scarf business. 

Check out her story above and share it to celebrate women all over the world like Emawati who create their own path.

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