Meet Michael, Google's Auto-Completer

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Meet Michael, Google's Auto-Completer Meet Michael, Google's Auto-Completer

Meet Michael, Google's Auto-Completer

by Nicola Twilley

April 2, 2011

Ever wondered how Google sometimes seems to know what you're looking for before you do yourself? Meet Michael, Google's Auto-Completer. He's been at the company since 2006, starting out as a spell-checker: 

So whenever you misspelled a word using Google Search, and it said "Did you mean _____?", that was me, typing it out!"
Soon, his bosses realized his gift could lead to the company's next innovation in the search wars: auto-completion. In addition to reading a lot of books, watching a lot of movies, and knowing all the lyrics to all the songs, Michael explains that he has always had the gift of auto-completion:
My friends and family have always said, "Michael, how is that…"—and then I finish their question: "Michael, how is it that you always know what we're going to say?"
The job is fast-paced (averaging 34,000 words per minute, which requires a new keyboard every 8 days), but Google is hiring more auto-completers to join Michael. So if you can type really fast and are psychic, get your resume in today
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