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Why the Dalai Lama wants Tibetan Buddhist monks to spend more time with scientists.
Morning Roundup Morning Roundup

Morning Roundup

by Amanda M. Fairbanks
March 23, 2010

Morning Roundup:

From the Los Angeles Times: At Compton school, teen tutors and adult students learn from each other
As part of a Compton Adult School tutoring program, adults trying to pass the California High School Exit Examination get an assist from Palos Verdes High students.

From The New York Times' Week In Review: In Texas Curriculum Fight, Identity Politics Leans Right
In the fight over curriculum, conservatives in Texas have more in common with liberals than they think.

From PBS' NewsHour:
A new measure allowing college students to bypass banks and receive college aid directly from the government could pass alongside the health reform bill.

Graphic via Rumors.

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