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New York Turns Parking Meters into Bike Racks New York Turns Parking Meters into Bike Racks

New York Turns Parking Meters into Bike Racks

by Andrew Price

February 17, 2010
Biking is way up in New York, but the city only has one bike rack space for every 30 cyclists. The solution? Repurpose old parking meters:
Under the city's latest green transportation plan, about 225 parking meters across the city will have their heads hacked off and be turned into bike racks.The transformation starts this spring on the Upper East and West sides; Park Slope, Brooklyn; Riverdale, Bronx; and Ridgewood, Queens. The metal pole that remains of the meter will become circular racks.Drivers will pay for parking at communal "muni meters" at the end of each block, rather than feed individual meters.
New York's Transportation Commissioner estimates that the city will save $200 apiece by reusing the meters' foundations rather than digging them out and repairing the sidewalk. Brilliant.This might make sense to do in any city that's dense enough to have parking meters in the first place.
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