Online Community Improvement Tool Launches in 25,000 Markets

Posted by Zach Frechette

Our friends at SeeClickFix-an online tool for reporting pot holes, grafitti, and anything else that's making your neighborhood unpleasant-had a pretty big announcement last week: they launched in more than 25,000 new cities. This means people in far more places than before can take an active role in fixing their cities through a simple-to-use online tool. Some other highlights from the new release include more public officials receiving alerts (so when you report something, the people who can actually fix it are notified), more neighborhoods added (so within a city, you can really invest in improving your own community), and a revamped iPhone app (for geotagged reporting on the go). Read the full announcement here.Photo (cc) by Flickr user JoshuaDavidPhotography.COM.