Our Latest GOOD Guide: The Teachers of Tomorrow

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This post is in partnership with University of Phoenix.

Teachers today not only have to constantly engage students and ensure they’re learning, but they also have to keep up with evolving technology, teaching methods, and resources. This makes them some of the best problem solvers, innovators and creators. In the GOOD Guide to Finding the Teachers of Tomorrow, we sat down with five of the finalists from cycle one of the Great American Teach-Off and asked how we can find and support others just like them.

Learn about the successes and lessons they learned from participating in the contest and where they think the future of teaching is heading. These veterans give advice to first time teachers and give their predictions on classrooms of the future.

Head over to the GOOD Guide to Finding the Teachers of Tomorrow and see what these innovative kindergarten through sixth grade teachers have to say. 

Illustration by Kate Slovin