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Our Top Five Health-Themed Infographics Our Top Five Health-Themed Infographics

Our Top Five Health-Themed Infographics

by Column Five

July 18, 2013

This month on, we are focusing on the topic of health. Whether you're taking your well-being into your own hands, or relying on traditional or alternative doctors, this round-up from our archive of GOOD infographics explores the state of health—and just might inspire your next DIY checkup.

Health Habits Around the World

A global survey conducted by The Nielsen Company last year found that people from different countries and cultures generally agree on how to lose weight and what foods are the healthiest.

A collaboration between GOOD and Column Five Media

What's the State of Healthcare in America?

Who are the uninsured in America and how do they affect healthcare costs? What are some of the ways that the Affordable Care Act will affect you? Find the answers and more here.

This interactive infographic was a collaboration between GOOD and Other Means, with support from MTV

Which States Have the Worst Air?

The Natural Resources Defense Council published its annual "Toxic Twenty" list, ranking U.S. states by their toxic air pollution. Which ones are responsible for the largest share of toxic emissions from the electric sector? And how do they threaten the health of our families and children?

A collaboration between GOOD and Column Five Media

Vaccination Nation

The only scientific evidence showing a link between vaccines and childhood autism has been thoroughly debunked. So why do so many parents still refuse to get their kids immunized?

A collaboration between GOOD and Column Five Media

The Long Wait for Donated Organs

Organ donation rates have increased considerably as awareness of organ donor programs has grown over the past 20 years, yet nearly 20 Americans a day still die while waiting for a transplant.

A collaboration between GOOD and Column Five Media

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Here's to our collective health.

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