Part 1: The ABCs of War Bots Part 1: The ABCs of War Bots

Part 1: The ABCs of War Bots

by Justin Fines, David Axe, Labour , Dean Fleischer-Camp, Rus Garofalo, Andrew Bouvé, Morgan Currie, Lindsay Utz

November 12, 2008
/youtube]Technological developments have enabled the evolution of warfare from cavemen bludgeoning each other with blunt objects to career soldiers detonating explosives from miles away. What's next on the battlefields of the future? Military robots are rolling, flying, and swimming into conflict zones, aiding and protecting their human counterparts. We take a closer look at these robo-warriors in our new series, "Military Robots."Continued in Part 2, "Soldiers and Their Bots."
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Part 1: The ABCs of War Bots