Photos: GOOD and CNN iReport Readers Take a Stand Against Modern Slavery

Posted by GOOD

We recently joined forces with CNN iReport's Freedom Project to help open people's eyes to the shocking scope of modern slavery. Our initial project was fairly modest: To simply get people invested in the issue, we asked readers to send in a picture or video of themselves declaring their stand against slavery. More than 100 submissions are in so far. A small selection is below.

Priscilla Kim, 17, of South Korea, sent in this image of her with her friends. Nearly half of them are sitting, but semantics aside, we're glad they're involved. This is going to have to be a global effort.

Funda Ray of Hibbing, Minnesota, made this arresting message out of the accessories of youth: Tootsie Rolls and bubble gum. It's got a David Fincher vibe and we're taking it seriously.

Nicole Epps is a graduate student at The Johns Hopkins University and works with the school's Protection Project, a nonprofit research and training institute founded "to address trafficking in persons as a human rights violation." Apparently, you're already doing the work. Our thanks.

Piper Blurred, a student at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, says, "I find it appalling that some people are still slaves in the 21st century. This is shameful and it should be stopped as soon as possible." Agreed!

There are more pictures over at CNN iReport. We're working with CNN iReport to expand this effort with more involved projects and ever-greater impact.