Picture Show: At the Zacapa Hospital Picture Show: At the Zacapa Hospital

Picture Show: At the Zacapa Hospital

by Chris Davis

October 23, 2009
Situated in the northeast corner of Guatemala's Zacapa province, near the rural town of Gualán is the Zacapa hospital, where volunteers with the NGO Hearts in Motion regularly travel to offer emergency care, fix cleft lips and palates, and perform orthopedic surgeries that are much in need and otherwise hard to come by. While documenting some of Hearts in Motion's work, Chris Davis traveled to the Zacapa province to photograph the hospital and the people it serves in the surrounding town."The thing I first noticed was the evidence of globalization," says Davis. "You can see how these corporations are selling Cheetos and Coca-Cola, but they don't, you know, put a trash disposal system in place. But, in addition to showing the work in the hospital, I wanted to show that, while these people lead far different lives than we do, I don't think there any less happy."
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Picture Show: At the Zacapa Hospital