Picture Show: Heavenly Views of Peru's Sacred Valley

Posted by Michael Hanson and Patrick James

The photographer Michael Hanson has taken his camera all over the world, from Fiji to Rwanda, and throughout South, Central, and North America. While working with National Geographic, he lead a photography workshop for a group of students in Peru's Sacred Valley, not far from the site of its famed peak Machu Picchu. During his time away from the classroom, Hanson took his lens to the surrounding area. What he found was a remarkable culture that's as hard to describe as it is amazing to experience.

"What stands out to me about these photographs is that if I hadn't taken them, I don't think I could tell you what year or even decade they came from," Hanson says. "There's a timelessness to the place—from the food to the clothing—that's beautiful."

What follows is a selection from Michael Hanson's "Peru, Sacred Valley."

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