Picture Show: The Harvest Picture Show: The Harvest

Picture Show: The Harvest

by Mathieu Young

October 30, 2009
The ongoing battle between medical marijuana advocates and law enforcement has begotten some tricky legality, which has lead to all sorts of uncertainty regarding growth and distribution, and, ultimately, prosecution (or non-prosecution) of distributors. Meanwhile, in places like Northern California's Mendocino County, it's currently harvest season for marijuana growers. Last year at this time, the photographer Mathieu Young ventured up north to document, with neither judgment nor agenda, a mid-fall marijuana harvest. "On the one hand it seems like an illicit activity," says Young. "But on the other hand, you have a bunch of people who are living off the land, which is beautiful."What follows is a selection from Mathieu Young's "Harvest."
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Picture Show: The Harvest