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Picture Show: Visions of Fast Food Picture Show: Visions of Fast Food

Picture Show: Visions of Fast Food

by Jon Feinstein

September 17, 2009

In the short time since fast food chains have become part of our national (and global) culture, a number of burger shops have begotten some truly iconic–and insalubrious-food items, the mass production and marketing of which is utterly astounding. However, when removed from their brightly colored wrappers and shot against a stark, clinical background, as in the case of Jon Feinstein's photographic series, "Fast Food," the archetypal snacks and sandwiches take on a decidedly unsettling quality."There's this weird relationship that we as Americans have with fast food," says Feinstein, who titled each image with the given item's fat content, in grams. "I made a project where the food mostly looks disgusting, yet some of it is still strangely enticing-probably because the branding is so embedded in our psyches." He adds, "I may eat it on a lower frequency now."What follows is a selection from Jon Feinstein's "Fast Food."To preserve the experience of seeing these foods removed from their branding, the names were not printed below each photo. For those who are interested, the food items shown are, in descending order, as follows: Chicken McNugget (McDonald's), Chicken Tender (Burger King), Chicken Ring (White Castle), Chicken Wing (KFC), Plain Hamburger (Burger King), Plain Hamburger (White Castle), Cheeseburger (Burger King), Filet-O-Fish (Burger King McDonald's), Fried Chicken Breast (KFC), Southern Chicken Sandwich (McDonald's), Big Mac (McDonald's), Pepperoni Personal Pan Pizza (Pizza Hut Express), Whopper (Burger King), and Angus Third Pounder Deluxe with Bacon (McDonald's).
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