Political NASCAR Political NASCAR

Political NASCAR

by Morgan Clendaniel, Serifcan Ozcan

November 28, 2006
In the 2006 midterms, Senators Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Rick Santorum (R-PA), both running for re-election, have raised the most money of any candidate in their respective parties. Here are the NASCAR-style uniforms they would wear if companies were proud of their political donations, and if running for senate required a flame-retardant suit.


HILLARY CLINTONHillary Clinton's top contributions by sector:Finance, Insurance, Real Estate $4,650,601Lawyers & Lobbyists $3,533,740Other $3,258,584Miscellaneous Business $2,332,809Communications/Electronics $1,808,119Health $1,122,341Construction $521,796Ideology/Single-Issue $432,270Labor $340,545Agribusiness $211,565Energy/Natural Resource $206,462Transportation $118,210Defense $86,050TOTAL (as of June 30th): $33,180,949


RICK SANTORUMRick Santorum's top contributors by sector:Finance, Insurance, Real Estate $2,812,841Miscellaneous Business $1,373,537Lawyers & Lobbyists $1,357,125Health $1,258,021Other $1,243,951Construction $666,015Energy/Natural Resource $651,541Ideology/Single-Issue $563,073Communications/Electronics $474,990Agribusiness $399,237Transportation $299,574Defense $76,000Labor $56,706TOTAL (as of June 30th): $17,252,473
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Political NASCAR