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Project: Send a Valentine to the Women in the World Who Really Need It Project: Send a Valentine to the Women in the World Who Really Need It

Project: Send a Valentine to the Women in the World Who Really Need It

by Lennon Flowers
January 28, 2011

An estimated 1.8 million deaths of women and children in India are due to domestic violence. In Colombia, one woman is reportedly killed by her partner or former partner every six days. And in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and countless countries like it, rape and sexual violence are routinely used as tactics of war.

So in place of chocolates and roses this Valentine's Day, we're calling on women—and yes, men too—to stand up in solidarity with victims of domestic and sexual violence. In partnership with ABC's Be the Change: Save a Life, we're asking the GOOD community to create a valentine for the millions of women around the world who could use a reminder that they matter, today and everyday.   

Up to 70 percent of women will experience violence in their lifetime, and the range of physical, psychological, and social consequences that may entail. All too often, however, it's a subject left behind closed doors. We want victims and perpetrators alike to know we're paying attention.

The valentine can convey a piece of information, an instruction, a promise, or simply a message of hope, and can take whatever form your choose: a card, a poster, or a tribute entirely your own. Prefer to create something by hand? A photo of you holding your valentine will work too.

Please submit your valentine and a short message (up to 40 words) here by Wednesday, February 9. It can be in any image format, but it should be high enough resolution that it can be printed at 300 dpi.

Once we receive the images, we'll turn to you–the GOOD community–to choose the winning submissions. In addition to having their work appear on GOOD and SaveOne, winners will also receive a GOOD T-shirt and a free subscription (or gift subscription).
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