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Project: Call for Ideas - How Would You Transform a Public Place? Project: Call for Ideas - How Would You Transform a Public Place?

Project: Call for Ideas - How Would You Transform a Public Place?

by GOOD Partner

June 23, 2012

This content was produced by GOOD with the support of BMW Guggenheim Lab


How would you transform a public space in your city to make it more comfortable? Send your ideas for creating a more comfortable public space through playful, imaginative, surprising or unconventional ways for a chance to be featured by the BMW Guggenheim Lab and GOOD.


Choose a public space in your city that you want to make more comfortable. Consider the environment, architecture, and landscaping, as well as any other aspects that would affect the experience of the space.


Please submit your entry here. Your entry must specify the public place you’ve identified for your idea and 3-5 sentences explaining how your idea would increase comfort in that public space. Include an image of a sketch or model of the public space that corresponds to your idea and shows how your idea would be implemented. It must be a .jpg image 450 pixels wide and less than 1 MB in size.

Submissions will be accepted until Tuesday, July 17 (11:59pm ET).

Ideas selected by BMW Guggenheim Lab curator Maria Nicanor will be featured on GOOD and also on BMW Guggenheim Lab websites, social media, and e-news (the lab's newsletter) updates. See the terms and conditions.

Photo via (cc) Flickr user Infomatique

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