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The #Duggars are under fire for anti-LGBT remarks. Their "Biblical" ideology stems from the Quiverfull movement.
Protecting the GOOD Outdoors: #ForTheLoveOf Action Protecting the GOOD Outdoors: #ForTheLoveOf Action

Protecting the GOOD Outdoors: #ForTheLoveOf Action

July 19, 2013

It was encouraging to see so many in the GOOD community respond to our call to explore and protect the great outdoors in June. Photos posted #fortheloveof came from across the globe; below, five of our favorites. Meanwhile, community members posted calls to action to help in taking care of our environment: protecting sharks, beaches and water quality, taking action against climate change, and calling on anyone (and everyone!) to pick up litter

Photo by valerelily

Photo by igbethlehem

Photo by 90deathpod

Photo by nhclimber

Photo by fenjasepers
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