Feeling Stressed? Punch the Panda Punch Me Panda: A Panda for Punching

Posted by Morgan Clendaniel

punch me panda
Punch Me Panda
is a project by the artist Nate Hill. He dresses up in a panda costume, wearing a chest protector, and lets you punch him. This is, you can imagine, incredibly cathartic.

I'll let Hill explain further:

I'm a panda. You can punch me. I wear a chest protector. You wear boxing gloves. It's free. No parties and don't send me as a surprise. I prefer one on one, but roommates are fine.

It's a safe place to punch someone.

For our New York readers: This weekend, Hill will come to your house in Manhattan or Brooklyn, so you can punch him at your convenience. For an appointment, text 347-742-2293 or tweet @natexhill, and he'll be there with his chest protector. The Wall Street Journal has a great slideshow of people punching the panda on the street.

Photo by Rob Bennett for The Wall Street Journal